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ISO Gotway RS Torque Motherboard


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Board direct from supplier or airfreight china is est. 2-3 weeks out. I'm in Utah Valley area. Anyone have a used motherboard I can take off your hands? Willing to pay extra for expedited delivery.

Also, repair seems to be an option. There's 200ohm resistance across left and middle legs of a mosfet causing motor short. The mosfets used are surface mount so are obnoxious to deal with, hopefully someone has experience with them. And if someone has a wiring diagram/part numbers that would be great. 

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If I had the board here and I needed it fixed I could take it to our local electronics repair shop. I bring boards in all of the time. $20-$200. most closer to the $20 mark. Keep in mind that we do lots of business with them. 
Salt Lake City has a shop. “Interwest Electronics Corporation” I do not know how easy they are to deal with or how expensive they are but you could give them a call. (801) 266-4000

Edit: wow!! We have 8 board repair shops here locally. You can also go on line and send your board in. Just do a quick google search. 

It always amazes me that they don’t even ask what the board is half the time. “ Just components on a board, We fix it” 

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