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Interested in S18 - The trashed the better :)

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Im looking to get an S18 for the summer to mess around / tinker with as a hobby.

I've done a good amount of research into the issues with the S18.

If anyone is doesn't have the time to make the required modifications / has a beat-up unit that needs fixed up let me know.

Because I'm looking for something heavily used I'd apricate a low price / transparency on damage and batch number.

Optimally I'm looking for someone who rode their wheel a little to hard and doesn't just want to throw it out.

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Good move “putting your wish out there” (in here). After much deliberation, and a disabled (fried CB) 16s, I bought a s18 even knowing the issues they have. Setup was not difficult or complicated. Watched a vid or two on YouTube. Suspension plus a little softer tire pressure, and my old knees are saying thank you. I think it will serve my sedate on/off road needs well.

All the best, and good luck finding your wheel.

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