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LED Generic EU Range and Speed test.

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Hi all,

Just went out to do the first test after 3 months owning this generic EU you can see on this link, the 741rmb one with the LED lights: (it cost me around 120eur back then, but the shipping with the battery was even a bit more than that! Plus VAT/Duty)



Here the results: (I'm a bit surprised with the speed!)

I got a range of 5.4km after inflating the tire (now the wheel was harder on bumps, but went almost 1 km more than usual) , I am 71kg, 1.78m, temperature in Dublin 13°C.

After a couple of laps around St. Stephens Green park path outside the park I got an average of 5 min 20 sec, I checked the distance on Google maps using the measure tool and I got that is was around 1200m and 1290m, which means my generic EU was cruising at an average speed of 13.5 km/h or 14.5 km/h! (I was at max speed most of the time with the beep, but not pushing it so didn't get tilt back). So maybe Google measure tool is not accurate?

This EU is supposed to be max 18km/h with beep at 10km/h and tilt back at 11-12km/h...

So let's see if I find out the distance around the park in some other way to compare ;)


EDIT: Wikipedia doesn't help... First they say 89000m3 (around 250*360m, so 1220m, as I calculated on google maps, 13.7 km/h, still a lot!) but then they say 550*450m rectangle (247500m3, 22.5km/h), I'll take the first as correct, but even if it matches Google maps I still can't trust it... The parks official leaflet says 27 acres (instead of 22 as wikipedia), so 109000m3 (270*400m, 1340m, 15 km/h)

For some reason I can't believe that speed, let's see when I get the Xima what does the app calculate (I hope it gets the data from the wheel and not the GPS, as I don't think my phone has good GPS and going around the park it won't be as accurate as going in an straight line...


Speed and range  of this EU are not enough for me anymore after 3 months (and wasn't after 2 months either) so I ordered a much better/expensive EU, the IPS Lhotz 340wh, it's on the way :)

Also as you see on the picture I added some bike gel seat paddings after my legs were hurting for a week when I started learning and had to wait for some days to continue learning haha, they are very comfortable!

Best Regards,



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