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So when I went to order an Mten3, shipping was free, but there was a $17 charge for RPP.

I didn’t know what that was, and it didn’t appear to be an option, so I went ahead and ordered. After all it was only $17 dollars. 
Now I know that it’s basically insurance for the seller. Package gets lost/damaged, buyer gets another widget, seller gets reimbursed and chalks another “sale”, and (YOUR WELCOME) buyers pays for it. Ok, whatever’s, except that now, to track my package I need to download their app. Which then allows them to gather more data on me and my purchases which they can then resell....ad infinitum.

So I’m a bit miffed about this. Tracking with the post office et al served me just fine.

 Convince me this is “added value” beyond just the $17 I had to pay. Or not. 


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Guess I didn’t really need an Mten3. Ordered it from EUCO on the 27th. Figured it would be a surprise when it got here.

I emailed them over the weekend for an update (explaining I didn’t want the RPP app), and got a reply today telling me the 67v version is discontinued and would I like to order a different wheel. Gee double R - grr.

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