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I'll start off by saying that I am completely new to these and have no clue what I'm doing!

Yesterday I picked up two electric unicycles from an online auction. They came with a partial charger, it was missing the power cord, I found one in the house and plugged one of them in, as soon as it was plugged in I could turn it on and the lights would work. I left it plugged in for hours and the battery will only light up 2/10 lights, does this mean the cells are dead? I unplugged it and turned it on it just beeped repeatedly. The second one does absolutely nothing when plugged in, no lights or anything. 

I opened up the battery panel (on the one with no power or lights) today and had a peak inside, one thing I noticed was that there were only two cables connected to the the three prong charging port. Is there supposed to be three? 

I'm assuming the battery packs both need to be replaced but I have no idea. Where does one buy battery packs? I believe they are both 60v 340wh. 



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uh oh. sounds like bad packs. I would take them outside and try to charge each one again for a long while, but don't charge near flammables. Are you sure the charger is for a 60v wheel? Old wheels suffer bad batteries if left idle for too long. Battery costs are a little on the high side too. If you are handy with tools, you could alwys open each and check the packs with a multimeter. I am not surprised one port is only 2 wire. Tbf, i dont know much about those wheels as they are a little older than my euc career is. If the port was designed for 3 wires, there should still be 3 in there, even if they all come loose.

E-wheels is the Usa kingsong distributor I use. I do think there are a couple in canada as well. ALL of them will most likely have to order from kingsong for you. Have you tried contacting Kingsong directly? Don't hold your breath, but worth a shot. To be quite honest, even a 340wh pack is on the small side for todays standards. Youll need evaluate what youll have in them in the end in compare to similar newer, and i fear it may be nearing an equation you wont find easy to pick an obvious answer from.


I cant get the link to the packs to show, but its under 'kingsong' and 'batteries' if its a 14B, I'd guess its a pair of packs? Merely a guess, but $300 sounds as expected.


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