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Helmet light?

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My current setup is a ThruNite TH10 V2 headlamp mounted using 3M duallock. I just remove the straps that came with the light and used a piece of 5 inches duallock through the headlamp mount. And I Stick another piece of duallock on the helmet. I have a piece of duallock on every helmet I own so I can easily move the headlamp between them.

My previous light is the Armytech Wizard Pro V3, which is a more floody headlamp. You get a wider view with that. However I switched to TH10 due to its long throw. It is one of the longest throw headlamp currently in the market. I can see way further down the road/trail with it at night.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, I also run a few Wowtac A2S on the family's helmets. It has a very good performance/price ratio. All 3 lights mentioned are enthusiast grade from reputable brands highly rated by people from r/flashlight.

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