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Nikola Plus Flashing Red Side LEDs - error message?


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I received the Nikola Plus two days ago. It rides like a dream. Today however I’m unfortunately having some issues with it. When I boot it up I do not see the colorful welcome LED pattern it usually does. Instead the frontal-upper LED-s flash and the frontal light doesn’t turn on. I tried changing the light and LED using the button and the app, but it does not respond to either. I’ll provide a video too, so as to better show the problem. Do you know what it is and how to solve it? 

Video link: Video



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Hmm, I'm no help at all but I just turned mine on and it doesn't do that, I'm confident the guys here can steer you in the right direction to get it sorted, I'll be watching too just in case I run into it.  Sorry to hear the troubles...

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21.02.2021 o 15:44 Hismajestycxplod powiedział:

Odebrałem Nikolę Plus dwa dni temu. Jeździ jak sen. Dzisiaj jednak mam z tym niestety pewne problemy. Kiedy go uruchamiam, nie widzę kolorowego wzoru diody powitalnej, jak zwykle. Zamiast tego przednie górne diody LED migają, przednie światło nie włącza się. Próbowanie nowej i diody LED, aplikacja aplikacji, ale nie będę pomagać. Dostarczę też film, aby lepiej pokazać problem. Czy wiesz, jesteś i jak na współ? 

Link do wideo : Wideo




Hi, I have the same thing, I lift the wheel to speed up and turn off then turn it on and it works. but that's not the point, maybe you have solved the problem of Leszek Poland
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