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I want a .... Sondors X Metacycle! 80mph!! 80mile range!!! 200lbs!!!! $5000!!!!

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Just saw this new Sondors X Metacycle on YT. Delivery eta for 4Q 2021. Finally an ebike I really feel something for. I believe its a good work & intra-city commuter. Est 80mile range but I'm thinking more likely 50miles at speed. 80mph is a good clip & I think the bike looks good. Should be able to do some light offroad as well. 

At $5k, it competes with some of the more premium ebikes (ie bicycles not motorbikes). EUCs are awesome & fun but its more a toy esp for the roads while this metacycle is a real bike. I think I'm in for one. Anyone else feels like I do?


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