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EUC World support: Galaxy Watch problem


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Hi,  I keep getting a warning saying EUC world is using a lot of battery on my Samsung Galaxy Watch.
Even if I haven't used it that day.     Or if I've closed all recent apps.   Or if I've closed the phone app (also Samsung phone).

Happening before and after the latest update (this morning got the warning again 29/1/21).

I have power saving option on the app.   I don't on the watch as I like my watch face and it turns that off if I enable it.    I don't want to sacrifice watch functionality.

I notice also,  the watch app doesn't start when the phone app does (like it does when using wheellog and pebble).  
I'm assuming that's related to why the app doesn't close when the phone app does.

Any advice gratefully accepted.


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Still getting the battery use warning for EUC World on my Galaxy watch - even when there are 0 recent apps to close.
Not sure why it is,  and would like to know or how to stop it happening (without having to uninstall the program).


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Still no reply?

At night,  I charge my watch then take it off the charger leaving it on the bedside table with 100% battery.    
I'm waking up to a loss of 15% of the battery and a message on the screen that EUC world is draining the battery.    
I'm not turning the app on.    Its not in the recently open list.   The app wasn't even used the previous day.  I haven't been riding the wheel at night in my sleep...

Us 2 in this thread can't be the only 2 having this problem.

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