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  1. t0me

    Perth, Australia Group

    Love that river track, its not terribly tricky, and most is hard packed or grass track. Not much loose sand which sucks on the wheel.
  2. t0me

    Has anyone had their Solowheel turn off without warning?

    V8 was the right first wheel for me, has been utterly brilliant and very forgiving both on and offroad for 1300k's for a big ass rider. Considering how many have been sold and are out there, vs number of complaints... I think you're ok with your choice.
  3. t0me

    Perth, Australia Group

    Hi Alan, sorry for the late reply. Yes its a Gear 360 (Samsung). I'm still getting the hang of it. The trails I'm riding are a bit closer to my home in Gosnells. There's a few, nothing terribly serious, just trails mainly used by dog walkers and short cuts between parts of bicycle paths. We've got a great network of path's here, some of them lovely windy trails through tree's by the river. I put a new tyre on - Duro, its higher pressure than stock so I presume thinner side walls, and I didn't slime it this time and its been great so far. Considering how much riding I'm doing off paths I'm pretty chuffed that I haven't had many punctures yet, just the 1 afaik. Working out that with a bit of rubber as a spacer for the valve stem, I can use normal $5 tubes from k-mart is excellent too. Being semi-retired I ride during the day during the week, most days when it isn't too stinky hot. I'm off for a ride by the river with the dog shortly. About time I took the 360 cam out again too.
  4. t0me

    WheelLog Android App

    Bit sucky though, I bought an S2, sold it again. It wouldn't maintain focus on the app, kept going back to the default watch screen. I love my pebble 2 HR, for using with Wheellog, its the best, and even the pebble original works brilliantly with wheellog (I have both). Be very careful if buying a pebble 2 though, we bought one for my wife, it had been repaired badly with sugru buttons that disintegrated within a week and the watch died due to water ingress (as she didn't notice the buttons deteriorating). So if buying one - which will be secondhand most likely, check the buttons carefully.
  5. t0me

    WheelLog Android App

    Yup, 1.1.1009, latest according to the app.
  6. t0me

    WheelLog Android App

    Mine's a genuine V8 afaik. I did set the max from 25 up to 30 in the original inmotion app. No changes in WheelLog made any difference to that top speed afai've seen, and that seems to be a peak rather than max cruising speed. I never lean hard into it when I'm already going 20-25 (made that mistake and found out the hard way its a bad idea) but I've never gotten mine to 30 by conscious accelerating. I've seen it on the logs but I assume that's due to getting a bit of down hill help while cruising at 25. Maybe those who's seen an increase to 30+ cruising speed after adjustments in WheelLog could post their firmware versions?
  7. t0me

    WheelLog Android App

    I found the same thing with mine. The app changes (other than the original app setting from 25 out to 30) made no difference to top speed on mine either. Max's out at just under 30 usually, but I do see peaks of 30 on the logs. The tilt back seems to vary depending on terrain, battery level and inclination (no doubt also my weight). I'm assuming its working on a percentage left "in the tank" to allow for balance corrections etc.
  8. t0me

    WheelLog Android App

    Surely that's just what it shows on the dial - as in you can customise it so it tops (visually) out only just past your max speed?
  9. t0me

    WheelLog Android App

    Oh and I have both an original kickstarter pebble and the last of them the pebble 2 hr, both run the app very well (and are the reason I bought the watches). I also bought a Gear S2, but plan to sell it on as I primarily wear a watch to run the wheel app and for that, the S2 isn't worth having. It isn't as good a version as the pebble version, won't stay in focus (switches back to watch view quickly) and won't stay on, so its multiple button presses to get it back in view. The pebble 2 hr is quite a bit smaller than the original pebble, but either make an excellent speedo in conjunction with WheelLog.
  10. t0me

    WheelLog Android App

    Soooo, am I right in thinking that you guys mean the tilt back speed setting?
  11. t0me

    WheelLog Android App

    Ok will confirm in a bit when its back together (got my first flat yesterday) but I'll be giving myself a slap if a swipe gets me any options as I'm sure I tried it and got nothing.
  12. t0me

    WheelLog Android App

    ????? Wow, I feel like a dumbass, I can't see how to get into settings I can change on WheelLog. My wheel is set to maximum (30km/hr) in the Inmotion App. How do you get into settings on WheelLog?
  13. t0me

    WheelLog Android App

    Oooh, off topic, but as you brought it up.... Any idea how I could set my speed to max 35km/hr without an iphone? (I'm assuming Darknessbot is iphone)...?