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Speedtests/"records" messured by wheelspeed


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I very often see ppl showing speed tests or records messured with apps like euc world.

I noticed my euc world app on the phone is showing different speeds compared to what i see later on the euc world website tracking history.

This is Seba's statement about the issue:
"speedometer shows data received from your Sherman, while tour data is based mainly on GPS data. If you open the tour page and look at the speed chart, you'll see that brown curve (representing speed reported by EUC) and colorful curver (representing speed reported by GPS) are offset: GPS speed is lower than EUC speed. This doesn't automatically mean that your Sherman shows inflated speed, but this wouldn't be uncommon. For example King Song wheels are known to inflate indicated speed by as much as 18 %, Inmotion V11 also inflate speed by about 7 %. "

I dont know how darknessbot works, but i guess its the same?

Anyhow, for the sake of precise data speed-tests/record-runs should be done with a gps tracking and not wheel speed readouts as these are estimate values at best.....

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