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Mountain climbing with Veteran Sherman - enough torque?

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I am riding Z10 now and after V11 is out, I am tempted to change my wheel. Now the veteran sherman is widely loved, so I am on the fence.

I use EUC for work - photography and videography for cycling sports. So I do have very clear needs:

  • Speed - to match road bikes, average 28km/h is fine, but with faster rider, I need to go 35km/h cruising speed. To get ahead and stop and take photos, I need to be much faster than that (40km/h?), but only for a short moments.
  • Range - The longer the better. I think i 50km is fine because I can the car in the team to transit. Also I am glad to have a chance to rest... Of course too much battery makes the wheel heavy, so climbing may be an issue (see below)
  • Road condition - mostly a road bike would go (not mountain bike), so mainly (well) paved tar or concrete, some gravel but not much, some mud but very rarely. The road can be bumpy though. I would not ride in raining day.
  • Climbing - in mountain area, climbing is the fun of road biking. A typical example of category 1 climbing would be like this: alpe-d-huez.png
    total distance 14km, total ascent 1118m, average gradient 8%, steepest 15%.
    Depending on the performance of the cyclist, it may take 1 hour to 2 hours to finish this section, at average speed 8-12km/h.

    so that means as long as I am be at least 20km/h on my EUC, I can overtake riders and grab footages and photos ahead. Of course, the faster the better which gives me more room to plan. And no, I am not going to desend with those bikes, which can be as fast as 50-60km/h...

So far with my Z10:

  • Given a good road condition, I can ride along with a riding club. But the speed is a bit lacking with fast cyclists. However at AVS 30km/h, the milage is only 30-40km, even shorter in winter. Mostly follow, because Z10 doesn't have the juice to be that fast.
  • When climbing, I can overtake most of the riders and this is the advantage of EUC, but it is also tiring since Z10 is heavy and not powerful enough. I have to carve aggressively to get up and after an hour my legs are in pain.

Sherman surely is a beast, and fast, so I am not worried for its use on flat, however for climbing, can it do like 2-hour long high torque output without overheating? I believe the speed and range should be no problem, just want to check the long term performance. All the climbing data above should help to answer.

I found Marty's test on youtube, but I can not see much his climbing statistics. One of his test burnt the wheel, but that's a trial run, in very warm weather. I also saw his another sherman test with paved mountain climbing, which seems fine. Before the huge investment in Sherman, I just want to double check to be sure.

V11 has air-cushion which is nice, although the milage is shorter but still managable, and I believe it's power/torque should be better than Sherman? after all Sherman is tuned for speed.

Thanks a lot and looking forward to Sherman owner to put some comments!


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4 minutes ago, Tawpie said:

I think I want your job.

lol sorry the information is not complete :lol: - yes taking photos and videos are my job, and yes on EUC with bikes are true, but THAT part of job is seriously under-paid just as project-based test-run. I am also a cyclist in the club so I like to do it, with some payment, and perhaps it can spead my formal job... hopefully!

This is a niche section but yes I am glad I can use EUC into my job! Even not with cycling club, EUC makes other sports photography such as football much easier and the result is much better. Maybe in the future some motor racing sports photos? :w00t2:

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