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S18 Torque Specs


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Does anyone have any information about ideal torque for the binding screws on an S18? I've already loosened them so I missed my chance to extrapolate based on what it took to break them loose in the first place. Based on internet torque charts I'm getting about 6 Nm and 12Nm for the pedal hanger screws and axle clamp screws respectively. This seems a little low relative to comparable sized fasteners on quality bicycle fittings and may be based on a nut-and-bolt scenario rather than the relatively longer tapped aluminum threads on the parts in question. Then again, the binding screws on the S18 also seem oversized relative to similar bicycle applications so maybe don't need to be pushed as close to their material limits to function. My hand remembers the original torque being "pretty darn tight" and as a last resort I can always go by feel and note the actual torque for future reference but any knowledgeable guidance would make me feel more confident especially since we're dealing with aluminum threads… even the specific alloy and temper of the aluminum parts would be of interest.

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