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  1. Does anyone have any information about ideal torque for the binding screws on an S18? I've already loosened them so I missed my chance to extrapolate based on what it took to break them loose in the first place. Based on internet torque charts I'm getting about 6 Nm and 12Nm for the pedal hanger screws and axle clamp screws respectively. This seems a little low relative to comparable sized fasteners on quality bicycle fittings and may be based on a nut-and-bolt scenario rather than the relatively longer tapped aluminum threads on the parts in question. Then again, the binding screws on the S18
  2. Haha or at least a knobby tire. There might be some trails I could get on, as far as roads it's not the snow I fear so much as the salt.
  3. That's quite a kit! Expansive, yet purposeful. I like the glove mounted bell, I was thinking of getting one I could wear as a ring. Or maybe just finally learn how to finger whistle. I've been wearing helmet, wrist and knee pads if I'm planning on leaving my neighborhood. Haven't wrecked yet but would hate to do so at 30 mph without at least that much protection. I got a Fox Proframe helmet for this purpose that seems about as unobtrusive as I could expect a helmet with chin guard to be and Icon Street Knee pads which I'm super happy with so far. Still rocking the free eWheels wrist guard
  4. I just recently found out about this motorized unicycle craze and since I've been sweating on a pedal pusher for the last 10 years or so thought I'd give it a go. I got a new KS S18, took it for a few test rides and then took it apart to overhaul and correct a few potential issues I've heard about. Not that there's much for me to ride here at this time of year anyway. I'm sure I'll have more to say later, just wanted to poke my head out and quit lurking for now.
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