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Does the voltage slowly decrease with the battery level?


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1 hour ago, Derek said:

My V11 is reading 79volts at about 80% battery

Yes. The percentage is just calculated from the voltage. Some wheels calculate it directly and Inmotion has an algorithm to even out voltage fluctuations. Your wheel will start at about 84 volts and go down to 68 volts (even lower with go home mode). 84 volts is 100 % and 68 volts is 10 % (initially). 100 volt wheels have a different range and some wheels display 0 % at different voltages but in principle they are all the same. During hard acceleration and under load voltage will drop more and bounces back at rest. 

The battery is the most expensive part in these vehicles and very important to keep in good condition. There are some maintenance issues that you should know and it’s important for safety also. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with batteries and basic electronics for this hobby. 

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