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Veteran Sherman 41 MPH on sand. Plus some sliding/drifting.


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This EUC keeps on surprising me in terms of how stable it is. At 41 MPH on sand it feels like it can just keep on accelerating and it feels like the Sherman would still be stable at higher speeds. But I'm afraid to lean forward too much on the sand and face plant due to loss of traction.

I've always dreamed of a PEV that would be good for the beach. If someone told me as a kid, that one day there would be motorized unicycles that can safely go over 40 MPH on sand I would have never believed it. Just saying it sounds crazy.

Before getting into EUCs I tried riding on sand with my Dualtron escooter and it was rubbish at it. I also tried it with my off road electric skateboard. Also rubbish. I basically gave up hope on being able to ride on the beach. And I wasn't going to get a massive fat tyre ebike because they're just too big and boring. I'd rather just drive my car to the beach.

When I heard about EUCs I didn't really hear anything about them being excellent for the beach. What I had come to understand is that the OneWheel is the only really good PEV for the beach. But there was no way I was going to get that thing either. It has a tiny little battery and a gutless motor coupled with a high price. So it's very expensive, very slow and very dangerous. The abysmal range was enough for me to say no way. I need range to have fun.

Enter the Sherman. Not only can it get me ALL THE WAY to the beach (40km trip) but also lets me play on the beach for HOURS and then get all the way home (another 40km trip). It's just crazy. Like a machine from the future. The thing is the size of my freakin backpack!!! :efefe00999:

The OneWheel I was looking at would need to be charged about 10 to 15 times to achieve what the Sherman achieves :rolleyes:

I mean that's just getting into the realms of ridiculousness. But to make things even more absurd, the Sherman is actually smaller than the OneWheel in terms of storing it and carrying it with you in crowded places. And it's MUCH easier to carry around thanks to the great trolley handle. I can't imagine having to walk around carrying a OneWheel and having that go kart tyre rubbing on your clothes.

The Sherman is also so well balanced that it is great for sliding. The only issue is that the pedals are very low so you can't slide at higher speeds than about 12 MPH. This is because the faster you enter a slide, the more lean angle you need to have in order to maintain balance. And the low pedals limit the lean angle you can achieve.

But aside from the low pedals, the Sherman is phenomenally stable. When I practice drifting on my KS16x I fall over A LOT. I mean like every 2nd or 3rd attempt. But on the Sherman I have yet to fall off ONCE when attempting to slide. And I've tried it hundreds of times now. Even pulled off a 12 foot slide on the sand with it. The Sherman really amazingly stable. Like 50x more stable than the KS16x. It's a huge difference. And it feels much better for leaning into corners at speed compared to the KS16x. Like a million times better. If only it wasn't for those super low pedals limiting the lean angle. It would be perfect. Oh and the roll bars limiting the curb clearance. That's another big thing that needs to be addressed.

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