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Flat tyre mten3 tubless


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Hi guys my tyre went flat today on mten3 I took out the valve and put some slime in and tried to pump it back up but the air is escaping around the rim is it  doesn't appear to have enough pressure to keep the edge of tyre against rim to create a seal . Am I doing something wrong?

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Similar to a lawnmower tire, it can be a pain to get the tire bead to seal during inflation. Let the tire warm in the sunshine if you can. You can use a ratchet strap around the tread to try and compress it as you air it. Getting the beads to seat enough so air can inflate it is all you are trying to do. Turning up the compressor can help. Youll never get it done with a hand or foot pump. Unfortunately, you will lose some slime around the bead if it is a big struggle.  A lot of times it can take you removing the valve and shooting air at speed into a tire. Just keep wrestling it, youll eventually get it to take. We used ether on tractor trailer tires... Same general concept, but im pretty sure I wouldnt try it on the mten.

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