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  1. Hi guys my tyre went flat today on mten3 I took out the valve and put some slime in and tried to pump it back up but the air is escaping around the rim is it doesn't appear to have enough pressure to keep the edge of tyre against rim to create a seal . Am I doing something wrong?
  2. The only thing that I have found that's works is a big hoodie . If I put the hood up over helmet it kills all the wind noise completely up to 25mph .try it you will be surprised
  3. Thinking of buying an electric scooter to add to the pev collection. Searching for the top 10 in google doesn't install any confidence as by doing the same search on eucs throws up wheels that shouldn't be there like V8 , solo wheel ,airwheel etc . Any pointers to good forum would be appreciated
  4. Hi all I seem to have lost my v5f charger and was wondering if I could use my gotway msx 84volt charger by buying a female gx16 plug wired up to a Lenovo plug ? I assume it's just two wires ? I see that the v5f is also 84 volt so is this feasible?
  5. Good Guide . What i seem to find is that once im backing up my body naturally wants to naturally pendulum to the forward position which cuts down the length of my backward run. Once in reverse trying to find a speed which is fast enough not to be to unstable and also not so nerve racking is tricky .
  6. Hi eveyone my mten3 arrived a couple of days ago I bought it to learn to ride backwards as my msx is just too big and slow to respond and the pedal height makes it to easy to drop when i need to step off. So far i am managing to pendulum and ride backwards about 10 feet before i need to transition to forwards . Im gradually getting more distance each day and hope to have it mastered by the time lockdown is over . Whats the best stance for backwards upright or knees bent ? Any good tips or video guides im getting to the point where i can pendulum non stop so dont think im too fa
  7. I keep seeing msx with front bumper around light where can I get 1 from ? Thanks in advance
  8. I have a v5f you can have cheap £250 range is about 12 miles for me at 100kg . I want to get an mten3 as second wheel
  9. Hi all you tech savvy lot I was watching a show earlier and I wondered how far you could expect to travel in a week if all you had access to was a solar panel . You would have transport the panel on the wheel so size and weight would need to be considerd. The environment would provide ample sunlight You would travel until battery was flat preferably at night and then charge in daytime This is only theoretical but it got me thinking. Oh and what wheel would you choose for this task? Be interested to hear your thoughts
  10. Genius idea by guy on Nikola pair of flip flops make instant euc powerpads at only £3 a pair on ebay https://youtu.be/SWCuGWyotJ0https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223791322811
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