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Inmotion V11 Slider Do I need a new one?

Finn Bjerke

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This is what I call the slider and saddle piece.  When I took off the slider a small plastic tongue broke off I had to glue it back on, I wonder if I need a new plastic piece - Im not sure I fully understand why a small piece of plastic is sliding against metal? 

Mrelwood describes it this way: 


The main point of friction on the V11 are the 8 black plastic suspension guides/sliders. The mechanism is quite picky about how much room there should be between these sliders and the rails. Too little room and they don’t slide easy enough. Too much room, and the sliders jam as the pedals tilt the system during acceleration and braking. As the sliders and the rails wear, they both add quitea lot of friction, and getting the suspension to work well is tricky....

I wish I understood this better is this really a shortlived weak construction just like the saddlepiece attachment and the bearings, or am I wrong ? 


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