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Any future for bigger wheels ?

Roue Libre

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Hi wheelers !

The Ryno project looks very cool

There is another similar concept

However, I don't see much advantages against a regular, small size EUC (Ninebot, GotWay etc). The wheel is massive, so it probably gives more grip. And the sitting position makes it easier to learn, maybe safer if you lose balance. But speed doesn't look even as fast as a Ninebot P or a strong GotWay. Do you think it has yet some chances to compete ? Would you guys buy something like that ?

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I would definitely purchase one, as it's easier to ride anyway, sit as on the bike and relax, you could put your legs on the ground if stop, so more advantages. My question is - Is it road legal in UK??? By The way, does exist a cheap alternative, called "gorilla wheel"

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