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  1. Maybe you won't find this a good option, but I feel much more comfortable since I strongly decreased my tire pressure. When I started doing EUC in 2015, the risk of cutoff was so high that it was recommended to never ride below 2bars (somewhat 35 PSI) to reduce effort for the engine. Also the autonomy of the wheels at that time was quite limited. But now with a ACMs+ 1300wh there is no such cutoff/range issue any more. So I sometimes ride with less than a bar (yes less than 1) of tire pressure. For off-road, I find it quite okay. However on "hard" ground, to pass curb edges, 1 bar is minimum. My weight is around 68kg at the moment. Do you guys have experience riding very low pressure ? Did you experience puncture ?
  2. Ok let us know as long as Ninebot does not improve this braking issue, I think I will stick with my current 16" wheels.
  3. I think you are right, I felt a bit better on Inmotion V10F. Maybe I should go for 14 inches wheel after all
  4. Hi, I have been riding several thousands of km on my wheels, Ninebot One E+ and Gotway ACMs+ 1300wh. Now I have been trying some new wheels like Z10. It's a great wheel for passing obstacles but I am quite disappointed by the braking capabilities. Do you experience the same ? I thought I might be too light. My current weight is around 67kg. Maybe the wheel does not react because I can't weight enough on the back of the pedals ? Or is it really that lazy ? Is there a software upgrade/setting that changes this behavior ? I would not feel safe if I can't brake hard. For that reason I still prefer my good old ACMs+. In general, I find many recent wheels (MSuperX, ImontionV10, KS18L) a bit lazy to brake too. Is it me or all manufacturers forgot that short braking distance means safety ? Cheers
  5. "Personal Mobility Device Riders Brussels" Ik vind dat niet ? Is het een open groep ? Sorry dat ik kon niet deze thread volgen. Nu is er andere groeps voor Brussel: Belgium Wheelers, BeWheelCome
  6. Hi german guys, I see there is a discussion in german, but sorry I don't really understand and Google Translate doesn't work so well there. I plan a trip to Cologne. Should I take my Gotway ACM 1300wh or is it too risky to be stopped by cops and get a fine ? Did you get fines for riding an EUC in Köln or other German cities ? Cheers
  7. Sounds interesting for my ACM ... Is it AG Insurance ?
  8. I suspect, the day you have an accident they will say "yes but... your wheel... it's not legal" and you won't have any coverage. I would be keen to have an insurance too, but I am afraid they won't cover any accident anyway.
  9. Approximately 4 so far, all in Brussels area. EUC riders is a spieces that you typically observe in the summer when it's not raining.
  10. I fully agree. Many people use Gotway products and we mainly hear about the bad cases, I feel this a bit unfair. Happy customers don't have time to report, they are too busy riding their wheels I have been riding my ACM1300wh more than 700 km and it has been very reliable so far. But I avoid - Riding too fast (max 30kph) - Jumping off high curbs (i prefer to unmount and mount again) - Accelerating further when first alarm rings - Riding with less than 30% battery - I don't have very steep hills in my neigborhood. In case of steep hills, I would stop for a while every now and then to let the device cool down - When storing the device at home, I don't leave the wheel in the sun (by the window) for a long time - ... And my weight is under 70 kg, it makes it a bit easier for my wheel I guess By the way: I also never had bad cutoffs with my previous wheel, the Ninebot One E+
  11. I never had a motorcycle but I have been member of a karting club some years ago. Some would say that kart pilots are even worse than motorcycle drivers EUC is certainly more healthy than breathing exhausts from other karts in an indoor karting circuit (carbon monoxide levels are often far too high there)
  12. Hehe, don't worry, I am tall enough, it doesn't go that high
  13. @andrewnyer Hi Andrew, the harness line is a windsurf harness line. Length of 24 inches. I bought it in a windsurfing store. Attaching it to the handle is a bit tricky. On one end, I could just pass it around the handle. On the other end I used a mini carabiner. On the picture you can see two carabiners, because I sometimes used an extra one to attach my helmet to the device. Currently I used this solution as well as the trolley handle. Trolley handle is very good to go around in shops, mall etc. But harness line is best if you have to quickly jump off and on, typically for passing some high curb edges. So I'll probably keep using both the harness and the handle.
  14. Yes I observed that it beeps much earlier when facing heaving wind. Once I was having the app open on my smartphone ant it was showing 25-26kph, already beeping. They possibly changed their algorithm recently.
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