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Replacement speakers on MSP


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I cut open the box that houses the speakers on the MSP. After seeing the video on the speaker replacement with the Nikola I was curious if the same could be done with the MSP because the speakers sound pretty mediocre. The speakers are glued in place with silicone and don't have any screws which will make it harder.





These speakers seem like they might fit. I have no idea what the impedance is. 

Edit: I just ordered the speakers in the link. Will have them in 2 days. Will update with what happens.

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So the speakers I ordered turned out to be slightly smaller than the current speakers. I was able to get one of the current speakers out. I had to cut the glue and remove 3 screws on the curcut board since part of the speaker is behind the circuit board. Because the speaker didn't fit I didn't cut the wires. Maybe if I had a 3D printer I could print a ring to fill the millimetre or two gap.

I attached wires to the new speakers and touched them to the terminals on the old speakers. It did make it sound louder and more full. I'm thinking about leaving the current speakers where they are and running two speakers up high somewhere piggybacking off the existing speakers. I can't find a great place to put them though where I'll be able to hear them though.

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