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Gotway tesla 1 NOT charging


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  1. Carefully check the voltage of the charger output. (Undervoltage =  bad charger.)
  2. Carefully check the voltage at the charging connector. (Undervoltage = damaged circuits in the wheel.)

If you don't know how to carefully measure voltage, ask for in-person assistance from someone who does. "Teaching yourself" on a huge battery pack is a bad idea.

More here.

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Just general saying, don't hold my words for it.

Just like the grandpa said, first check the charger's voltage. It should be 84v.

Then I will open it up and check the battery voltage level. The discharge port (not the charge port) of the battery should still hold a charge. If the battery have no voltage at all, then the battery is bad or the BMS board in it is constantly cutting off.

Then I will connect the charger to the EUC and measure the voltage at the charging port of the battery ( not at the charging port of EUC).

Of course, never short circuit the 84v battery, especially the discharging port. Handle everything with care!



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