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WeChat Transaction Ban Order and EUCs


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I really don't want to get political here, but there is a new executive order in the USA. This is what I'm referring too.

  • The orders take effect in 45 days and prohibit any U.S. company or person from transacting with ByteDance, TikTok’s Chinese parent company, or WeChat. While the nature of the banned transactions are not specific, it may mean the companies would not be able to appear on Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store in the United States. It also could make it illegal for U.S. companies to purchase advertising on TikTok.
  • But the order should not affect a deal if Microsoft or another U.S. firm manages to buy TikTok before the 45 days are up.

Question: Will the EUC community be affected by this? If so, how will we be affected?

I don't use WeChat personally, but I know a lot of people do. I'm also wondering if this will affect KingSong and Gotway prices. 

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