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  1. It depends, In urban areas sidewalks are very wide for high traffic. The same goes for mixed use paths regardless of location. However when one reaches suburban or rural areas sidewalks they are supposed to be 5 feet wide, but this is not always the case.
  2. That's actually a really good idea. Seems like common sense to me. Edit: So does does the self balancing category exclude smaller E-Scooters too? That would be a shame if they were since E-Scooters are used on city sidewalks in USA all the time.
  3. Having EUCs in the same category with other non-powered micro-mobility (MM) options will confuse future legislation. IMO adopting a separate classification for electric micro-mobility (EMM) is a better idea in terms of legal vocabulary. Reclassifying ourselves may allow us to create space for reasonable future laws. PEV is often used, but my issue with that term is that it suggests electric vehicles in general. I can imagine right now some lawmaker say, "Oh I own a PEV, look here is a picture of my Tesla Model 3." I'm not going to assume lawmakers will immediately differentiate, which can mean
  4. If you find that you don't have space or can't afford a 3D printer, try researching if there is a Makerspace/Hackerspace in your area that has 3D printers. Also, offers an opportunity to encourage more people to ride.
  5. Yeah I can edit it anytime. When others edit it forces me to review them. The only reason some might be missing is either I was having trouble finding the actual release date or just didn't get around to it yet.
  6. Thanks! Funny enough I'm actually using that site as a source lmao! I'll make sure to add the other entries so that its easier to see on a timeline in one screen. ATM I'm focusing on Gotway, KingSong, INMOTION, and Ninebot.
  7. Working on a public timeline on Time Graphics. If anyone wants to help correct or add any information follow the link (I think it allows others to edit not sure tbh). EUC Release Date Timeline https://time.graphics/line/400129
  8. Is there a timeline spreadsheet or infograph to see when EUCs were released?
  9. Info about the W&OD reassuring, glad to hear its usable. Its to bad there isn't a central spot for a NoVA crew. Immediately what came to mind was "Caboose Brewing Company & Tavern" in Vienna. I'll check out Telegram, thanks for sharing that. Also never used that app before, is it "Telegram Messenger" in the app store? Edit: I found DCESK8SQUADBOT. Is this only a notification forum? Super confused how this app works lol.
  10. They probably complain because the music doesn't fit narrative. Of course you can't please everyone, but if one is playing a fast paced Hard Rock, Dubstep, DNB, or Rap track on a video when your just cruising then the sound obviously won't match the setting Hsiang and Kuji Rolls do a very good job at mixing music and narrative. Analyzing where they make music loud and soft, and the type of music they use, offer good examples to learn from. I can see why some people play music while watching other content but I don't think its smart to assume most people do. Personally I don't do th
  11. If I was making videos (which I might in the future IDK), I would look out for more artists like this. This is a Japanese Hip Hop Beatmaker named bugseed, a project made with ill.sug.
  12. Pretty Lights is awesome! I'd be surprised if you never came across them, but you might also like "Jazzinuf" too. I will say that Pretty Lights is a very popular group so be careful of copy right. They used to hold some of the biggest festivals in the past.
  13. Look do what you want, but here is what I notice with a lot of EUC YouTube videos. Video is of a person or group ride Shows the ride to be just casually going down the road INTENSE ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND If that's the type of music you want to use I suggest looking up music with a lower tempo to match the environment such as LoFi, Boom Bap, Chill Hip Hop, Cloud Rap. Or type in whatever genre of music you like with the word "chill" before it. I find searches with that word comes up with artists that have more downtempo versions of music I like. After,
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