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NineBot-stein's monster Ninebot mini / mini-pro adding a 12v accessory output?


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Hey modders, do any of you know if it's possible to add a 12v accessory output from the Ninebot mini or mini-pro?  I'm working on a 'mad scientist' project using a Mini and a Mini-pro as donor parts-units.  I'd like to power a 12v accessory without adding a separate power-pack, BMS and charger.   I have a DC/DC 56v to 12v 'step-down'  component which theoretically could be tapped-in to the main battery's output - but where would you take that line out from?  
The power cables going to the wheel motors are easily accessible, and a safe gauge to tap into, but would it affect the drivability?

To put this project in context - this will be a kind of 'robot wars' device, the 12v load will only be used for few seconds while the 'NineBot-stein's monster' is being powered up, and just before it's switched off.

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