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  1. Hi EUC community, I'm building an ambitious custom PEV based on Ninebot-Mini donor units. It's an off-roader with 16" wheels and ladder-frame chassis (Ducati Monster style), I'm using Ninebot's electrical components but all the PCBs are being relocated to fit around the suspension and hydraulics. Target weight is to be same as the Ninebot S-Plus. I have a ton of questions and a ridiculous deadline to get it built before a family holiday on 9th August - I can only walk a few feet, so need this PEV for mobility. Question 1: is there a gyro or accelerometer on the S-Plus main-board? (posted a photo below). I need to find the balance sensor(s) so I can relocate the large 'board but put the sensors back in the location between the axles, I'd do this by unsoldering them and extending wires from the relocated components back to the (now vertically-mounted) main-board. Question2: what do the footpad sensors do? I'm not going to use remote control feature, so can I wire the footpad sensors to make them permanently 'on' ? Question 3: There is a small PCB and a tiny 'sensor' glued into the front, inner wall of the magnesium housing (it's covered in white sealant), I think this is a load cell or strain-gauge for detecting if there's too much weight on the Ninebot (it increases electrical resistance when the magnesium is flexed), someone on the forum referred to it as a 'gravity sensor' but I can't find anything outside of CERN labs that can measure gravity. If it is a load-cell, can it be disabled by just leaving it disconnected (it would have zero electrical resistance), or would the 5v input (the red wire?) have to be connected directly to black (ground) to send a zero resistance (no weight, not flexing) signal? I will post photos of the build once the major components are assembled, but I need to find answers to these three questions before I can finalise the location of the brackets and 3d printed casings. https://prnt.sc/tsomhb s-plus 'board - is there a gyro here? https://prnt.sc/tsonad strain gauge or gravity detector? (yes, the three hair-thin wires are removed).
  2. Thanks for the info on recalibration. I swapped the two circuit boards (had to remove the top cover on both, but didn't move the cylinder). The holes on the PCB needed filing, the terminals on all the extra connectors had to be insulated and a plastic washer was required on one hole to stop the screw grounding two solders. I haven't circuit tested it, but 'fingers crossed' the careful work will pay off, and it'll steer.
  3. Hi, I saw Jojo33 mention the footpad sensors being left and right-sided, does anyone know if this is 100% correct? I'm not entirely sure what the footpad sensors do, other than detect there's a rider standing with both feet on the foot-pads, which overrides the 'remote control' or other features where a rider shouldn't be aboard. I know that putting weight on left or right pad has no effect (neither does lifting one foot). The custom transporter I'm building doesn't need the complication of the foot-pad sensors, I was going to wire them as if they were 'on' all the time.
  4. Hi, I saw a mention of a gyro and a 'gravity sensor' but I think donalduck8 might be wrong about that glued-in component, it looks like a strain-gauge to me. It's implanted into the magnesium casing to detect distortions if too much weight is applied (i.e. a lard-ass on board). The Ninebot must have a gyro, but not sure about a gravity detector.
  5. Thanks for the link to the steering-unit info.. in your experience does the steering need recalibrating if the four allen-bolts are undone to remove the top cover of the steerer unit? i.e. if the steel shaft is removed and re-fitted will the steering need re-adjusting?
  6. Hi, I'm building a custom personal transporter, it began as a 'robot wars' project but just got bigger. I'm using NineBot S-Plus battery pack and motherboard, but the Ninebot Mini Pro turn-sensor (the whole unit, Hall-sensor, rotation-shaft and spring). I unscrewed the small circuit-board from the S-Plus turn-shaft, it had one very small, square rod sticking out, which seems to locate into the end of the steer-shaft. I've not been able to remove the same little circuit-board from the Mini-Pro because the screws are inaccessible (until I cut more of the magnesium casting away), my question is - will the small circuit board from the Mini-Pro, have the same small rod sticking out of it as the S-Plus's board? The reason I'm not able to use the S-Plus's steering unit, is that I made a new support for the steerer shaft (which took ages), but it's made to the dimensions of the Mini-Pro's steel shaft, which I mistakenly presumed would be same size taper-fit as the S-Plus's steel shaft, so I have to transplant the S-Plus small circuit-board onto the Mini-Plus steerer unit. https://prnt.sc/ts6ifo the S-plus square rod into steerer https://prnt.sc/ts6iyz the Mini-pro in the new steer housing (I need to swap the S-Plus circuit board onto this). Thanks for reading.
  7. Hey modders, do any of you know if it's possible to add a 12v accessory output from the Ninebot mini or mini-pro? I'm working on a 'mad scientist' project using a Mini and a Mini-pro as donor parts-units. I'd like to power a 12v accessory without adding a separate power-pack, BMS and charger. I have a DC/DC 56v to 12v 'step-down' component which theoretically could be tapped-in to the main battery's output - but where would you take that line out from? The power cables going to the wheel motors are easily accessible, and a safe gauge to tap into, but would it affect the drivability? To put this project in context - this will be a kind of 'robot wars' device, the 12v load will only be used for few seconds while the 'NineBot-stein's monster' is being powered up, and just before it's switched off.
  8. Hello Bruno De Michelis and donaldduck8 and Wilsonintexas - I'm very grateful for the information you posted in this old thread. I'm building something similar, replacing the NineBot Mini, steering bar with other sensors. Are you still active on this forum?
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