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Quick one: Safe top speed and cruising speeds for Tesla (v1) 1020w


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Hello all,

So I finally took my Tesla out for a long journey along the river in London. A nice 6 mile round trip in which I finally got to feel a bit more comfortable riding amongst the public and over different terrain.

One thing I noticed is that I very quickly was exceeding my beeps at 20mph and I also realised it was hard to hear with my BT headphones (for EUC world app audible notifications).

I want to crank my speed alert limits but would like to do this in a safe way. I think I am overall still concerned about cut-offs and just my ability to control (had a couple of wobbles when feeling nervous at points in my journey).

I have read mixed information on the top speeds of the Tesla - some saying 35mph and some saying 30mph.

I wondered if people experienced with this wheel can advise on a some upper limits that I can ride without mentally worrying that I might cut out.

Ideally I want to ride around 28mph at 30% battery and above. I also would like to know the top speed that still allows for head room for output spikes.

I am keen to use tilt back to help me out. Rider weight 65kg

Hopefully what my query is makes sense. Looking to hopefully go for a ride tomorrow. Before lockdown really eases off here and the public are out and about again.


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