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DIY double Ninebot Segway MiniPro 320 connected and synced - converted to a wheelchair for disabled


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hi guys,

I would like to ask a few questions concerning a DIY project i would like do, of converting, syncing and connecting two Ninebot mini pros and making a 4WD sporty disabled wheelchair for advanced (adventurous) users. I have seen that Ninebot has a gokart kit in offer, but it is first of all only with one minipro unit, and second, it is configured for a classic gokart ride for smaller and non-disabled people. What i am trying to make here is a 4wd wheelchair with a full and stable set up (either with a normal joystick or a combination of a steering wheel mounted on a movable shaft used as forward-backward drive imput) for waist-down disabled people wanting to have a little fun. It would for sure mean that the wheel base (easy part) and track (hard part) width should be well adjusted for stability. Are there some diagrams of how to do this already? Did someone maybe already ask about something like this? Does someone of you here have something of a sort in planning, or can you just direct me to some other channels or forums where i could get some further information?


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