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Can’t connect with Bluetooth

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Hey i just received my GotWay MCM3 high speed version. I have been struggling with connecting to several apps( Euc world and the GotWay apps). When I use my android and search for devices I manage to find the GotWay, but in the Euc world app is does not appear. This is the first time the wheel has ever been used or paired with a phone or device. The wheel password is 1234, but it just dosent appear. I’m wondering if anyone can relate. I’m trying to remove some of the alarms and voice messages.I have also turned off the option in settings where it says only show known Bluetooth devices. Please Help


Regards Espen

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The same problem here. Yesterday unpacked new King Song KS-16S V2. It was locked by dealer Eunicycles.eu. Can't connect/unlock via Bluetooth. Phone Galaxy S10, new firmware, applications EUC World and Kingsong.app. Phone can see the EUC but after "....connecting......." nothing happens. The dealer say that the have no problems to connect while checking EUC before shipment.

Please help. I'm novice


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On 6/12/2020 at 11:18 PM, yuweng said:

Switch on your GPS/ location access as well with BT & all EUC app will work, Google claim its not a bug, more info here

My EUC World app was saying "No devices found" when my Mten3 was clearly visible to the phone itself, so I tried turning location on in the phone settings and was surprised to find it worked. Thought I would just note it here for future reference.

Also of note is that my KS14D connected just fine earlier (couple of weeks ago) even though I'm pretty sure location was not switched on then. Odd.

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