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Kingsong 18Xl twitchy??

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I recently got a flat tire on my KS, change the tube.  Went for a shake down ride and noticed while stopped it twitching.  It seems to only happen when stopped and moving back and forth it is no longer smooth.  The twitch is minor but noticeable.  I took the entire wheel apart again made sure i followed the steps in the demo and checked the tightness of every screw and bolt, but the twitch is still there.  I have about 1500 miles on the wheel and have never crashed in the last year.  Any idea of what may be causing this? 

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is it very severe, or could it be that you are just feeling it level itself thru the plastic as you've removed and installed screws? Perhaps recalibrating it would help? If not, I'd check everything again and do a firmware downgrade/upgrade and recalibrate. Since it happened right after you had the wheel open, don't be surprised if most suggestions point to something wrong on reassembly. Keep us posted and DO NOT use loc-tite!

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