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  1. Here is the end of this story. As I took my helmet off and had every intention of hitting him in the face with it... I took 5 sec to reflect on how injured he would become especially if it ended in a fight. So I dialed back my rage, but wanted to make sure he knew how disappointed in him I was. So I proceeded to intermittently honk the horn on my KS18xl over and over again for the next 6 miles, ruining his ride or at least that 30min of it. It defiantly got under his skin, I could see how agitated he was getting. So I guess I won.
  2. Not sure if anyone else has had an issue like this one. Was out riding today on the lakefront trail in downtown chicago, just past soldier field, where it opens up and there are very few people and almost zero tourists. I am cruising, come up on a cyclist,(in full spandex regalia) announce myself "on your left" then pass him. The second he notices me he yells at me that I am not allowed on the trail as my wheel has a motor. I say "thanks" and keep riding. A light slows us both down and he passes me with a middle finger salute. Slowed by another light he then sprays me with his water bottle. I started to educate him on the legalities of the trail... he then starts yelling and cursing. This is where I have a 5 sec moment of reflection. Should I just ride away or make his day a little worse. What would you do? I know what i did
  3. Alright Chicagoland. What is happening this weekend. Where are we riding?
  4. Officially have the training wheels off. Rode from downtown to work in oak park (9 miles). Yes going through west chicago isn't the best, but you can meet some crazy people for sure. The conversation is pretty hilarous with how animated some of these guys are. So lesson learned, wanna make friends with gangbangers and drug dealers ride a EUC through west chicago!!!!
  5. Thanks guys. I have been doing all of the above. I may be just getting weaker in my old age and need to suck it up a little.
  6. Newbie question here. I am about 100km and a week into this great adventure. I do defiantly get pain in the bottom of my feet, inside of my calfs and lower legs. When does this pain go away? Is it something everyone has just build up a tolerance to or does it go away eventually?
  7. Should have my new KS 18xl middle of next week. I will be down for a meet up for sure
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