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The Lexus Hoverboard fact, skateboarding has drifted from the "Amazing in Motion" by way of the Lexus team has revealed a clear video playback test. And reveals a thorough background clips to watch. can see all Article at : http://hoverboard-poom35.info/sitemap_index.xml

Show the world who thought Lexus vehicle manufacturing company from Japan interested in doing Hoverboard with him after a stream for a while (like Hondo from kickstarter) On June last launched The Lexus Hoverboard one. In the project "Amazing in Motion", which has said. There are plans to make skateboarding style Maglev Lexus believes it has convinced some that do not go together, but on four or yesterday, the team has also released a video playback test of truth. In a clip that The Lexus Hoverboard: It's here skateboards float are here !! read more at : http://hoverboard-poom35.info/ 


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