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  1. No not yet that would be a good skill to learn. The we are blessed with many wheel chair ramps in Los Angels and Burbank, CA. Any suggestion? How did you start? Is it just a matter of clamping on to the EUC with your ankles?
  2. Suggestions on how to learn to ride with only one leg?
  3. Do not have the 1200w yet it is on order. But I will when it get here took three month to get The first two King Songs
  4. I got the basic down riding more that 20 feet... two months. Getting on with out holding on to something and tight left and right turns... third month. Going backward and forward,,, fourth month. I guess I will try riding with one foot. I also need to learn how to turn my head while going back ward. What would you try to master next? Am I forgetting something?
  5. I works I was setting to high. Like you said top limit 30 Km/h. Work on both my KS-14C and my KS-18A. THANK YOU!
  6. Probably not but I do not like limits telling me what to do. Now that I do the math 60Km/h = 37.282 mph it does seem to be foolishly fast. So 30km/h is top speed? I thought it was 39 km/h or is that a different brand?
  7. Still can not get the higher speeds to stay. I go to Setting for Speed Limited. put in something like I Level Alarm 40Km/h, II Level Alarm 45Km/h, III Level Alarm 50Km/h, Rocker Speed 60Km/h. OH just dawned on me as I was typing this... What is rocker speed does it need to be set under I Level Alar or over III lever Alarm?
  8. Got mine from the Factory straight from China www.szkingsong.com. Shipped to me in November 16. 2015. Though I did not get it till Feb 5th. Spent two months in customs. Also I am using the IPhone app.
  9. Does the "setting for speed limit " have to be set every time you turn on the King Song EUC? This seem to be the case on my KS-18A and KS-14C.
  10. Was able to unlock the KS-18A but can not get the music to play? What am I doing wrong? I have an IPhone 6S+ and deleted the app and re installed it. Which got the English to turn on so to speak. My phone settings say the KS-18A-088 is Connected and the KS program see the EU but no music out of the speakers. I played with the switch on the back but it just seem to turn the light on and off. Also does the program indicate the % of battery charge?
  11. I tried the stop and snap but found slowing to a almost stop, at a very slow rate of speed, then lean back with you heal. Still can not go more than 50 feet. It took almost a month to learn to do that but each time I go a little further and have no problem going forward after going backwards. At first when I was trying the stop and snap back I kept over heating my Ninebot E+. I spent week of only going a few inches back before I started to get. Good Luck and where a helmet and wrist guards.
  12. What firmware are you using on you Ninebot One P V 1.2.5 or V 1.3.0? Mine came with 1.2.5 did any one keep it?
  13. Flashed my Ninebot One e+ this morning with the 1.3.0 firmware. Been riding it for about 90 minutes no problems so far. Most of it Speeding up and slowing down quickly. Practicing going backward. Man is that going slow almost as bad as learning to ride the darn thing. I also was doing a bit of slalom through cones. so far so good. I think this will be a stable release at least for my N20 e+.
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