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Generic EUC modding


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So this probably isn't "modding" but I've made a few simple changes to my generic EUC to enable the battery to be quickly swapped. I should add, this isn't a good idea if you care about waterproofing at all.


Gone for a black and red colour scheme.



Glitter under the pedals :D I cut the case (it was this model) using a hand saw with a fine blade, and cutting with a stanley knife beforehand made the sawing much easier and cleaner.



Lots of tape needed for spraying the wheel black then red on the rim



Changed the colours of the LEDs and tried tidying up the wires. The power button turns out to be faulty so needs replacing...



Few cans of matte black spraypaint from Poundland. I used builder foam knee pads for the padding.



Adding a loop of strong(!) tape around the battery to create a tab to allow it to be pulled out.



I had to bring the battery connectors in from the other side of the case.



To make the battery compartment easier to open, simply removed all the screws and added a triple layer duct tape tab with Command hanging strips on - they are really strong and durable. The battery should be wedged in very tightly, rather than relying on this to hold it in.



The new head lamp is really bright, and it was also from poundland. Unfortunately has a glass lens which has smashed.



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22 minutes ago, andrewk said:

My fav part of these mods is the builder foam pads lol, looks so cool. So is the battery velcro attached to keep it secure? 

I'm a fan of the more off-road/utility look in EUC, hence i prefer IPS vastly over Ninebot :D The velcro is self-adhesive so just stuck on with that, it is really strong.

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3 hours ago, andrewk said:

Yea it looks cool. Where did you get the pads from?

I got them from Aldi, but you can also get the same ones on eBay here for the same price. The back of them is curved outwards so I used a hand saw to cut the surface flat so it would stick better.

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@Tom - Where did you get your replacement LEDS from? I've just installed a brand new battery and fully charged it and my 4th LED still doesn't come on! Does yours normally come on? In your pic only 3 are on but was wondering if thats just a coincidence.


edit: No worries I found some compatible ones at maplins and now all 4 LEDs work!

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46 minutes ago, andrewk said:

Actually still interested to know if all 4 of your LEDs are on when using the  wheel if you don't mind


Yeah, I replaced all the LEDs but the one near the power switch was faulty (repaired it now) so in the photo it should have been lit.

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