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1st 24 hours NB one E+ N10


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Ok, Yesterday afternoon was first time on my E+ N10.  No issues and was up and going in circles and straight on rough terrain (old bumpy lawn). No falls. Today

I took to the local shopping center parking lot and spent a couple hours practicing. No Falls (honest).  I went through full charge and towards end was weaving around people, slowing down for cars backing out, driving thought cars slow and fast.  

I was hitting about 14mph before tilt back so I was happy with that and this is N10.  I don't know how to take screen shot and also as I'm still learning, everytime I looked at my phone I would loose a bit of balance since still need to focus on one thing for now lol. 

It's funny,  the first part I was working on right turns because my body was more comfortable with left turns.....BUT when that side of my body got tired I mastered right turns very fast LOL. 

I love this thing and am so happy there is not a scratch on my new toy while learning.  Its charging right now but will be ordering a new battery to do swaps on the road.   Thanks to all the tips on here and youtube.   Speedyfeet was very helpful with his reviews.

ONE TIP-  I really think learning on a dried up bumpy dirt lawn helped tremendously because it is easy to pivot for balance while getting feel for it.  I also can relate the balance feel as when you're on a bike and you try to stay on while stopped.  It was so easy to jump on this think and go! Lots to learn and my skill will get better but so glad I'm going full speed now :)


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Hi Paul, Ive only had my 9BO e+ N20 about 3 days and decided to try your tip about riding it in the local park where I live in CBD Melbourne. Must say, going uphill seemed a little easier than coming downhill, Im now able to , mount the 9Bot without holding onto anything which was a big one for me.

whilst I sat in the park having a rest, i had a "lightbulb" moment with it...

It was turned off at the time and the wheel freely moved back and forth with no resistance.....I then turned it on and tried to pull the front of it downward and of course it resisted, then i tried to pull the back of the unit down and once again it resisted...


It might sound a but stupid, but to a complete novice, who's brain thinks balancing on 1 wheel is impossible, it was a bit of a "breakthrough" moment....I'll continue working on the grass and gaining more and more TRUST in it every day.



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New rider here too, bout 3 weeks. I found one good tip also is foot placement. I like to let my toes hang over the edge a few inches, seems I have better control that way and it's easier to start rolling forward. The hardest thing is relaxing. Oh yeah DON'T LOOK DOWN. Look where you want it to go because your body tends to orient itself to where you're looking. For this reason you might notice that, at least at first, if you try to look behind you when going forward you will also tend to turn the ninebot. I can say that my feet don't hurt anymore after riding for 10 min or so. It just feels like normal standing now. The same thing happened the first time I used an actual Segway, my feet  were killing me. Also, don't get freaked out by the "push back" when you hit top speed. The unit feels like it's floating backwards, do don't fight it just go with it and you'll be fine. It really is fun once you feel comfortable starting and stopping and riding over bumps and cracks with no problems. the looks from the people you pass is priceless! I have an electric skateboard as well which is a lot of fun, but the thing I kinda like about the ninebot is that you can't just step on it and ride it, so you have a good excuse for people who want to try it!

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Good tips Drmrw and Paul, Im over 6' tall so my toes are naturally over the front but thats cool. I went for my first "public" ride this morning, not in the park, so it was a bit scarry at first, but once down by the docks and on a big wide path I relaxed and just let it go.

This afternoon, I added ANOTHER layer of protective padding over the battery padding and the other side as I felt whilst riding that my calves were not in touch with the sides much which may have led to a bit of unsteadiness from time to time. Im hoping this fixes the problem.

During the ride I had 3 different ppl stop and ask me about it, and all said I made it look EASY which after just 5hrs total on it I was amazed at. Once I relax on it, it definitely takes on a life of its own which I like....its just when people get close that I need to really concentrate, as the last thing Id want is for the u it to spin away from me and collect them on the ankle like its done to me a few times.

Im tending to go back to my heels and move at a crawl as they pass atm, and find thats good for them too as they havent seen it before and arent too sure what to make of it.

Anyway, onward and upward....

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