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Can I turn a ks18a to S with a new motor?


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Hi everybody

Can someone tell me if I can modify a ks18a with 800w motor to a ks18a if I buy just the 1500w motor?

I know maybe some will say, if you don't know electric and electronics just don't mess with it, but one has to start somewhere to learn!

Just because I do love the size of the ks18a. The seat fits me absolutely well with my height. But I'd like to speed higher than the 15mph the ks18a allows me..

I see I can buy just a ks18s1500w motor from ewheels

Thanks for your advice

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Thanks for your advice and your offer on my post for the ks18a. I might accept your offer but I'm trying to find if I could have another option. Do you know if the ks18s shares the same battery specs as the A? I thought about maybe purchasing a 18s and add the A batteries inside for extra range.

I'm just wondering if they are compatible.

As I said I really like the comfort of this wheel while seated. Too bad I got I had a bad luck with the first, but I would like giving this model a second chance

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