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[SOLD] Inmotion V10, Brussels, BE

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I'm selling my trusty V10.  It is 15 months old, and has 4015 km mileage.  

There are a few scuffs and scratches, mostly on the bottom of the pedals, and some on the scorpion tail, but apart from that it is in mint condition.  Tire and battery are still decent as well.

The shell has a small crack where the wheel once hit a tree root - as it didn't impact the riding, I decided to simply duct tape over it to avoid water ingress. 

This is an excellent beginner/intermediate wheel which has a great fun factor and delivers superb riding.  I'm selling it cause I wanted larger range.

This package includes: 

  • the wheel (650Wh battery)
  • an Inmotion cover
  • charger with european power plug

New price was 1250€, asking price is 750€.  I'm hesitant to ship worldwide (don't have the proper packaging material), so area Belgium (and France/Netherlands/Germany/Luxembourg).








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