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Width vs Diameter Snow Riding

PY ⠀

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I’m thinking of getting a small wheel for commuting which involves taking the train. I’ve tried the v8, v10, and ks18L on the train, and only the v8 is practical enough dimensions-wise. 
Im planning on riding it in the snow during winter, and was looking at the mTen3 as an option, which I haven’t tried.

Since a v8 has a 16x2” tire, but the mTen3 has a 10x3” tire, how would they compare in the snow? Does width provide equal/superior traction to a larger wheel that’s narrower?

If I am planning on getting a 2nd wheel for longer rides next summer (ks18xl), am I better off with a significantly smaller wheel for those short commute and contrast, being the mTen3?

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