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  1. Thanks for the additional details, it all makes sense. @greentung
  2. @greentungThanks for your input about the mTen3 in the snow. Since a “A Tour de France rider will average 220 to 320 watts”, I think a 800-2000 watts machine may fare better at overcoming snow rolling resistance than the average biker. Pretty sure a ks16x will be better than any regular bike.
  3. Which wheel would ride better in the snow: 1- 16x2” tire (v8) 2- 10x3” tire (mTen3)
  4. I’m thinking of getting a small wheel for commuting which involves taking the train. I’ve tried the v8, v10, and ks18L on the train, and only the v8 is practical enough dimensions-wise. Im planning on riding it in the snow during winter, and was looking at the mTen3 as an option, which I haven’t tried. Since a v8 has a 16x2” tire, but the mTen3 has a 10x3” tire, how would they compare in the snow? Does width provide equal/superior traction to a larger wheel that’s narrower? If I am planning on getting a 2nd wheel for longer rides next summer (ks18xl), am I better off with a significantly smaller wheel for those short commute and contrast, being the mTen3?
  5. Nice table! I actually made one myself and looked up yours for reference last week. I see there are no dimensions though. Also, why did you choose to have the features as rows instead of columns?
  6. Hi, Im looking for a mTen3, would like the wheel to run great, dont mind cosmetic scratches. I’m in Montreal, Canada. Also, anyone has an idea approximately how much I should expect to be paying for one?
  7. Im just like you. By the way if I ever have a website about EUC you’ll be my content manager
  8. PY ⠀

    V10F vs KS18L?

    Ive heard there might be a v12 next year which would fit your needs.
  9. PY ⠀

    V10F vs KS18L?

    Thats interesting. Makes me want to try it now. Would you say that it may be a better first wheel option than say a v8?
  10. Claimed range on the 18l is 90km and from what I read this seems unrealistic at good cruising speeds for an adult. But im pretty that my 80kg will still allow me to ride to 50km and not suffer from drastic speed reductions.
  11. PY ⠀

    V10F vs KS18L?

    I have the feeling you’re right on point. I’ve seen Kuji Rolls in the city with his KS16X and he was much more able to move through pedestrian traffic compared to someone else on the MSX. I can see how with time and experience I may appreciate the nimbleness of a wheel like the V10. The ultimate nimble wheel (mTen3) is reported as an absolute blast, but comes with a warning from the owners that it definitely shouldn’t be a first/beginner wheel.
  12. Well theres also a fairly large price difference and I dont see myself doing more than 50km in a day anyway. I prefer a slightly lighter wheel as well so I think the L is perfect
  13. So after trying out the KS18L... Im totally in love. Wayyy better than the V10. Pretty sure the top speed will be sufficient. I hit 46kmh for a short burst and really wouldnt see myself go much faster. The wheel inspires confidence, it’s awesome. Thanks for all your tips.
  14. PY ⠀

    V10F vs KS18L?

    Im quite inexperienced, but I rented the V10F for 5 days and put around 60km on it (city + off road). Then I rented the 18xl for 2 days. I MUCH prefer the solid feel, carving dynamics, and speed of the 18xl. It inspires a lot more confidence IMO and the wheel feels more natural, doing what the mind wants to do effortless. It is much less nimble, but I find it is still way sufficient to carve quickly enough.
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