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Inmotion (solowheel) for sale

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I have an used v8 (solowheel) for sale

It has been pretty used, off road, forests,etc  so it's all scratched. The shell has cracks in it

It has a litter "jitter" to it too. I will check removing the tire and reinstalling it if it changes and let it know here. Like a redundant hiccup while riding. Not that much annoying to me, due to the use I make of it. but it's there. 

I might be willing to buy and change the outer shell. But first maybe check what I can obtain out of it here, if there's any interested.

Around 500 miles total on it. I'll add more photos this week

Keeps a good charge

Might need to be shipped, and shipping might be around 100$


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4 hours ago, Wheeler337 said:

I'm interested as a have a spare shell I can install. Are you in Oregon?


Good if you already got one!

But no I'm not close. It will have to be shipped...

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