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  1. I've had mine for almost 2 years now and I'd say there totally worth the cost. Don't let the cost stop you. Its far cheaper than going to the ER
  2. That's very cool to have that many miles on a wheel. I like my V8 it goes everywhere with me.
  3. Ok that's what it was thanks for much for the help
  4. I watched this video and I'm doing everything correct, I just cant get the colors to apply
  5. inmotion app, I tried to use the solowheel app and it wanted a verification code.
  6. I'm running 1.2.411 and I cant seem to get my light's to change any other colors, and idea what i'm doing wrong?
  7. Ya Im pretty sure at my weight the tire is to low, I'm going to try 55 and go from there.
  8. Ya I don't like to push me wheel at all on a low battery, I've been running 40psi and I have a Snap on pressure gauge so it should be pretty accurate.I'll try running 45-50 and see how it feels, I would think it would help the range a bit.
  9. I recently got a v8 and love. I was curious about what the best tire pressure to run on flat ground would be. Im 220. What kind of range are people getting? I can go 15-17 miles at 25 percent battery remaining.
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