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[Europe] Free Shipping - Brand New 0KM Gotway Monster 84v 2400wh - Purple ("Unwanted") - 1810€ / 1565£

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New Gotway Monster 84v 2400wh - Purple
Price: 1810€ / 1565£

Bought by a friend, he doesn't want it anymore.
The shipment was stopped in Poland for my friend to find a new buyer.
I'm giving him a hand.

Brand new in box, in Poland, Free Shipping (about a week to arrive, within Europe).
It has the large side pads and large Nikola pedals (same as picture above)
Was bought for 2211 Eur from Aliexpress (Rockwheel Store), so they will offer their standard warranty.


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Price drop to 1850€ / 1590£, shipping included. 

If you're in the UK, this may be a good time to buy, to receive it before Brexit... 

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