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If you live in Vancouver Canada, read this!


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BC is finally looking into changing the electric scooters, etc laws. Now, we need to be cautious here, because when the gov't gets involved they generally screw up what was working beforehand. I expect licences, insurance, etc, as the gov't is always looking to take more of the money we earn for their filthy filthy doings. 


It could be the end of the dreaded $600+ fine from the jackbooted debt collectors for the crime of riding a unicycle!

If you live in BC or even Canada at all, please take a few minutes to write to the Ministry of Transportation, and politely encourage them, let them know there are people who care and are watching. I see a lot of bicyclist **** whining already about "make them stay on the road, bike roads are for our entitled asses!"

Expect a helmet law, probably insurance cost, but at least we would be free of the heavy hand of the totalitarian state fines.

Please write an encouraging email (as I just did) to Minister.Transportation@gov.bc.ca to the attn of Claire Trevena (who is in the story for the Ministry).

Let's get this thing done BC! Tell your Facebook groups etc!

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