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action cam and cam mounting solutions ...


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here is my solution to using an action cam while riding my euc.

since i wear my backpack all the time while euc riding,  i chose to get a strap mount for my action cam.

btw,  the action cam i chose is the dji osmo action cam.  my reason for choosing this cam is that it is cheaper than the high end gopro,

and it comes with 2 mounts, 1 flat and 1 helmet mount.

back to the strap mount.  i saw quite a few strap mounts on amazon but the reviews were always lukewarm cause there were a few instances

were the mount accidentally released the attached camera (DSLR though).  i checked more on the web and found a very sturdy model made by peak design.

it was originally designed for DSLR use,  but they have a kit for action cams.  here are their links for those respective products:



the clip is metal, and well designed with a sturdy and secure release mechanism.

i know,  its an expensive product.  but im using a fairly expensive action cam.  the good thing is that the POV kit also contains a mount for those common point&shoot

cameras that have a tripod mount socket at the bottom.  so you can use a small point and shoot camera in video mode,  if one does not have an action cam.

my experience with the above setup so far has been spot on... no accidental releases of my action cam,  and the strap clip is mounted solidly on my backpack strap.

please add more action cam and mounting solutions to this thread,  thank you all !!!





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