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V10F Play music...


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it's V10F able to play music via BlueTooth ?
(maybe it's just a dumb question)

Connection to InMotion application works perfectly no issues with that....

what I'm asking is my V10F able to play music ? ..... if Yes what is the default pair code ?
1234 and 0000 are not working on Samsung phone



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The V10F Bluetooth speaker seems to be an entirely separate system from data connection to the Immotion app or wheel log.  Take your V10F to a remote area with no stray bluetooth signals and try connecting your phone's audio to every bluetooth signal you can find.   




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On 10/1/2019 at 8:17 PM, Meserias said:

solved / default code it's 000000

now music play via wheel speakers works fine

It doesn't for me, does anybody know if it's always this code? The wheel only shows up in my Bluetooth if not connected to the app yet. It's anting that I have this wheel for 1.5 years and never could connect with the speakers 


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I had issues connecting from time to time with my 10F.  When it happened, it took a lot of trial and error trying to connect the audio, even foregoing a ride with music playing.

I reinstalled the app on my phone...no luck.  Disconnect Bluetooth...no luck.  Forget connection...no luck.  What worked for me was disconnecting the power cable and shutting off the unicycle for 15 minutes or so.  I'd then turn the EUC on and connect Bluetooth audio...worked like a charm.👍

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