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Wheel short circuit? Led Lights are dead on one side

Chili D

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UPDATE an hour later-  I was leaving where I had the shut off issue and was pushing the wheel with all lights out and rolled it over small sidewalk crack and the wheel shut off again. This time,  no apps were open. 

Now I am not going to ride it at all and will contact ewheels  



I was pushing my wheel with the trolley handle and was opening the DarknessBot app as I was walking to turn off the led and torch. As I was toggling both options off the wheel turned off. (No power button press available in darkness bot I could accidentally hit). Could something h have shorted when I was toggling on/off?


I turned the wheel back on and the left side led panel no longer shows any led except for one blue light on the back. The right side bank functions normally. 

Tried duplicating and can’t. Not sure what to try next. 


70miles ridden 

1.05 firmware

 Not sure if this link works  



Any suggestions on fix or safe to ride?

thx - 


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