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  1. yeah, they are both open. sounds like you’re saying screen on. I was able to get the watch to vibrate, But have to raise wrist I have a series 4 watch. Don’t think I can keep the display on without keeping wrist raised. Also, Is DB supposed to show up in the Return to Last Session app list?
  2. Sent feedback through test flight. haptics not working on Apple Watch. Only on phone.
  3. Sounds exactly like my issue. 5 days of shipping time and 2 new control boards later (ewheels warranty @Jason McNeil‘s fast service as always) I was back up and running. I’ve stayed on 1.05 since being back up and running with zero issues. Control board removal took me 45 mins first time and 10mins the second good luck with fix
  4. no. i said i was inside my house.
  5. How do you view the trip details (avg speed, wheel temp, etc...) when there is DB gps map feature used on that trip? just shows the map and the route, but can’t locate the info found in the screenshot for gps trips. bug or user error? thx chili
  6. all lights in My house were off as I was getting ready to leave and i realized it was oddly dark. I discovered the automatic torch is not functioning after turning my wheel on this morning I tried light settings in both KS app and DB. Not sure what the next step may be to troubleshoot. any ideas out there? thx chili
  7. Chili D


    glad your barely scathed @Zack Wong been there at 23mph on my old 16s and it hurt like a bitch. Feel better soon. @Mike Sacristan @BleepBloopBlopThis is where my amp alarm question in the ks16X forum comes to life. Definitely going to use DB to kick out of main speakers at higher volume. chili
  8. My viewing on the amp alarm wasn’t so much about leaning to go faster, but to have confidence in how hard I can lean. I mentioned I had a DB alarm setup at 29amps and you and @Mike Sacristan are showing the ceiling of the wheel’S built in alarm is much higher than that. Now I can push more confidently. Appreciate everyone’s input here. chili
  9. 16s didn’t come with a disengagement button in the trolley. Think it was just 18s/l/xl
  10. Thanks for the info on this. 36 would be great high end. nice analysis. I haven’t heard those built-in beeps yet. I guess I prematurely set at 29amps in DB so I’ve been hitting the DB threshold and not the wheel’s even though I may be good in the low 30s. ill step the number up a little at a time and feel it out. @buell47 agreed on the wind and hearing. the reason I want to set in DB is the audible beeps from DB can be fed through the main speakers and controllable with the phones’s volume buttons vs the single onboard speaker that I can barely hear. Another bonus is that if mu
  11. I’ve been searching keywords (16x/ alarm/amps/max), but not finding any details on the max amp threshold to watch for when accelerating hard on the ks16X. I currently have a 29Amp alarm setup in DarknessBot based on my accelerations that feel hard, but I tend to hit the alarm quite often. Anyone have any details or insight on how high it can go before possible overlean? thanks, chili
  12. Contact gotway and ask for pricing then compare against an authorized retailer’s price. You’ll have your answer. Also- authorized dealers may offer competitive financing. Not sure if that’s a thing with manufacturers.
  13. Is there ever going to be an option to switch the torch between FLASHING or NOT FLASHING in the app for KS wheeLs? Hate having g to go I to the King Song app for this but use DB for everything else.
  14. 1. crash meaning and body falls to the ground and you have to get up or, 2. losing balance and having to step or run off the wheel and the wheel itself falls to the ground? i didn’t fall to the ground once during my learning experience, but I did step off the wheel many times and grabbed hold of the wheel most of the time. It did scrape the ground and get a little beat up. if you’re learning experience consisted of going up curbs, bike tracks with moguls, bumps and jumps, then yeah... you’re going to fall. I did all that stuff with my second wheel. KS16x here with none of
  15. That’s too bad I’m on 1.05 firmware I am not sure what you mean by limited to 24 mph. I was rocking 25 to 29 all day hanging right there with the scooters, bikes, boards, and Nik+/MSX’s on Saturday during the group ride in San Francisco. Pedal tilt- I haven’t ever experienced this. I do keep the battery above 45 percent on group rides to ensure I can maintain speed No issues. (Except for left side LED bank went out—Jason shipping new one out) Love the speed, quietness, stability at 28-30psi, trolley, disconnect sensor, and the bonkers good headlight.
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