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  1. 1. crash meaning and body falls to the ground and you have to get up or, 2. losing balance and having to step or run off the wheel and the wheel itself falls to the ground? i didn’t fall to the ground once during my learning experience, but I did step off the wheel many times and grabbed hold of the wheel most of the time. It did scrape the ground and get a little beat up. if you’re learning experience consisted of going up curbs, bike tracks with moguls, bumps and jumps, then yeah... you’re going to fall. I did all that stuff with my second wheel. KS16x here with none of the teething issues chili
  2. That’s too bad I’m on 1.05 firmware I am not sure what you mean by limited to 24 mph. I was rocking 25 to 29 all day hanging right there with the scooters, bikes, boards, and Nik+/MSX’s on Saturday during the group ride in San Francisco. Pedal tilt- I haven’t ever experienced this. I do keep the battery above 45 percent on group rides to ensure I can maintain speed No issues. (Except for left side LED bank went out—Jason shipping new one out) Love the speed, quietness, stability at 28-30psi, trolley, disconnect sensor, and the bonkers good headlight. Love my 16x chili
  3. So.. back to the top. I don’t experience the dipping except for an unusual ‘slight leveling’ feeling when tight turning. I tried to inflict the dipping and I’m not able to. I am in experienced mode and going around 24mph. Not sure if I got lucky with this wheel or if I should still be cautious. *shrugs*
  4. I’ve let people try mine, but with a caveat——As overkill as it may seem, if you’re in the US you may want to check your homeowners/renters insurance to see if it covers you for letting someone ‘borrow’ your property. You never know what can happen if someone you know or don’t know gets injured trying your wheel.
  5. I have a 16x and I’m not sure I follow what you’re doing or what the issue is. Im 185lbs and struggle to get it up to the 25-27 range. I feel like I have to lean very hard and can’t cruise effortlessly at higher speeds. Not sure if maybe my horizontal calibration needs to be done again.
  6. UPDATE an hour later- I was leaving where I had the shut off issue and was pushing the wheel with all lights out and rolled it over small sidewalk crack and the wheel shut off again. This time, no apps were open. Now I am not going to ride it at all and will contact ewheels I was pushing my wheel with the trolley handle and was opening the DarknessBot app as I was walking to turn off the led and torch. As I was toggling both options off the wheel turned off. (No power button press available in darkness bot I could accidentally hit). Could something h have shorted when I was toggling on/off? I turned the wheel back on and the left side led panel no longer shows any led except for one blue light on the back. The right side bank functions normally. Tried duplicating and can’t. Not sure what to try next. Ks16x 70miles ridden 1.05 firmware Not sure if this link works https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b7ay6-QMylzbpOAhm1SXGvizQFbcIRUr/view?usp=drivesdk Any suggestions on fix or safe to ride? thx - chili
  7. Maybe it’s tougher to develop for. Maybe a private DM will get you a response.
  8. App is great and offers a TON already, not sure if there’s a post in this thread for feature requests; a couple come to mind for KS wheels i have a KS16s and KS16x Would like to suggest: Main app function -set torch to flash/blink -Update speed controls to save KS16X -include Apple Watch alarms in the alarm menu Apple Watch function -vibrate alarms function. -Long press to toggle flash torch or solid torch Appreciate the efforts on this app paid for a few options and like them thanks chili
  9. the headlight is so good..
  10. Just went through this last night on my new KS16x Two things for unlock speed 1. Have to ride more than 10km. (You can check your total mileage/km in all the diff apps) 2. Have to make sure the device is registered with the KS app AND you’re signed into KS app. (Can’t say illegal device at the top of the Ks app) I didn’t have to deal with this in my KS16S because the dealer removed it with a code when he delivered it.
  11. This point is my reaction. I was looking at this wheel, but it no longer fits into my riding style and needs. Glad and I haven’t purchased yet.
  12. For reference, I also have a KS16s, but with an iPhone6S Plus and have not observed any of these issues. The only bit issue I’ve experienced is the battery level being a reflecting lower than what the kingsong app shows. KS app has been more true as I ride.
  13. I replaced the handle on my 16s not too long ago and it was a straight swap with no adjustments to be made. Only pain for me was tapping out the pin at the bottom of one of the rails. Sounds like the plastic stick you slide into the each rail may not be seated all the way preventing the button engagement.
  14. Hi. Enjoying the app and made a few purchases. Anything in the works to do watch alerts and vibrations? can you make each tile have the ability to create and alert on its number? ex: I want to create and audible and vibration alert for Current, Speed, and Batterry. Thanks, chili
  15. I think This cutout scenario happened to me on a group ride two weeks ago. Conditions: -~70% battery -very heavy headwind -SF bay (flat surface) -very heavy forward lean -Tilt back alarm set to 21mph -believe amps went into 30’s -unfortunately, couldn’t feel the phone vibrate or Bluetooth alerts between wind noise and traffic. Tough to say if it tried to tilt me back first and then cutout or if the amp draw forced the cutout die to the lean. Either way, trying to realearn the limits of the wheel to be able to trust it at the higher speeds. When I can hear the beeps always back off and never had an issue. Pushed to top end since and had no issues. definitely on alert, though. Need the extra headroom the 18xl provides Chili
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