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KS16 Mudguard


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Thought it was weird that I cant find a mudguard for the KS16 anywhere seeing as how popular it is... finally got fed up of cleaning debris off the backside of my Bodyguard so I made a mudguard for it, one that matches my KS18XL... you should be able to use it on any kingsong really, since I have the Bodyguard cover i just taped it to the outer shell under the sleeve, but its made so that you could also push it in between the inner and outer shell and it should just be a friction fit, though you could also tape it or use some hot glue if you wanted.. no way i was going to be drilling holes into the shell or anything like that. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3886110 print it, modify it, sell it.. dont care



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