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(Inmotion) Possible to disable shutdown-on-charge feature of V8/10(F)?


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Hi modders,

I'm looking into putting together a backpack battery pack that I can tether into my wheel and "charge it" while riding.  Effectively to slow down the depletion.  This has two benefits: longer range and longer time at an unthrottled speed. :)

I'm about ready to begin constructing my battery and DC converter, however the one thing I'm stuck on is how to get around Inmotion's "shutdown on charge" feature.  At the moment if you stick a charger into your wheel while it is on, it will shut off and prevent activation while the charger is on.  After viewing several videos of disassembly, I see that the battery BMS has two XT60 connectors.  One goes to the charge port, the other goes to the control board.  Does anyone know if the control board is monitoring the charge port somehow?

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